Qatari Diar Egypt will be the main sponsor of “Forever Is Now” on its 2nd Edition by Art D’Egypte.

We’re proud to announce that Qatari Diar Egypt will be the main sponsor of the 2nd edition of the illustrious Art D'Egypte under the banner of “Forever Is Now”.

Following on the success of Forever Is Now, last year’s first international showcase at the Pyramids of Giza, which was received with overwhelming acclaim, Forever is Now II activates the glory of ancient civilizations with public art and contemporary significance, connecting the age-old with the new, the past with the future.

Qatari Diar always aims to be at the forefront of every country it operates in, it also aims to enhance the lives of the people around it. In our efforts to do so we look to the platforms of culture and art that are being created today and will continue our vision of influence the lives of the people.

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